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We are a business inspired by Vision, driven by Mission, and underpinned by Values. Our team has charted an 18 years transition path. We aim to deliver the highest market advantage for each of our clients. Every business is viewed as an integrated system and its dynamics are strategically handled. We achieve sustainable growth for our clients by identifying and applying the right solutions to deliver top-level results. We are objective in our decision-making process and base each action on real circumstances, concrete data, and causes. The only way is to constantly move forward.

A robust governance structure is being implemented, rationalizing the involvement of board members and redefining the role of Board Decisions and Sector Boards to improve value addition. We, at Intercorp Holdings, hold high standards for our reputation. We communicate our actions and performance to help our partners make the best business decisions.

Our business principles have always guided our actions. The interests of our partners are at the core of our strategies and decisions. We share their expectations for an excellent return on investments and we deal with them with fairness and respect. We have formulated a clear vision and committed ourselves to implementing best practices in corporate governance, mirrored by the in-house drafted corporate governance document. Our strategic road map examines our current situation and presents corporate business structures which sustain our activities and provides a forecast for Intercorp Holdings evolution taking into account a variety of factors: social, political & economic. Momentarily we are updating our Code of Corporate Governance, for detailed information please send your request by email.

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